Welcome to the online brainstorming platform!

The platform includes real-time brainstorming sessions to address the issues raised. The advantage of the online solution is that the participants do not need to stay on the same site and the generation and subsequent rating of ideas are completely anonymous. The platform is the place for generating and sharing creative ideas, so management can easily choose the best ideas to implement.

The brainstorming consists of several phases:

  • Phase 1: Create a new brainstorming

The "manager" can create the brainstorming with the desired values. At this stage, (s)he can choose which problem (s)he would like to solve, how much time is needed to generate ideas, then how much to evaluate the ideas, and according to what criteria (s)he would like participants to evaluate ideas.

  • Phase 2: Inviting Participants

The manager sends the generated link to the participants of the session. The manager will enter through the manager's link.

  • Phase 3: Idea generation

The session will start when the manager launches it, and then participants start sharing ideas until the time is over. When the time has elapsed, the manager may choose to resume the process or start the rating process.

  • Phase 4: Rating

Each participant will individually rate all the ideas that have been submitted according to the criteria pre-made by the manager.

  • Phase 5: Closing

If the time for rating is over or everyone has rated each idea, rating and brainstorming are over. The manager will get a list of all the ideas and ratings participants have submitted.

Ideas and reviews are displayed anonymously.